I think I like halloween so much is because I can be anything and do just about anything I would usually never do.  I can dress up as my favorite role model or a fantasy character.


This year I choose to be a clown and not just any clown but a scary killer clown. In reality people think I’m a nice, sweet, and classy girl; I don’t mind it’s just that if I break out of their perception I disappoint them in some way and with that I’m limited on the things I can and can’t do.


I like being nice just as much as I like being evil/ bad, only those who truly know me knows I’m not the traditional girl next door. By choosing this costume I got to show a part of me that many people are not use to, but hopefully with time more people can not just see but get to known the real me. Both sides the nice and the bad. Some hope you guys had great time trick or treating and just do you, because this bout the only time you can truly be you and not be badly judged or criticized.



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