I Realized

I realized
I realize that I realized,
That even if I realize something you won’t realize it
I can realize your beauty,
And you won’t realize what I realized,
I can realize your intelligence,
But once again you still don’t realize what I realize,
I can realize that you can be so much more than what you are,
But you are so focused on everything else that you still don’t realize,
But I realized,
That even if I realized something other people want,
You won’t..
But I did



Thank you
You might not know it be you saved me,
That night I was alone and ready to be Free
You saved me, so
Thank you
You opened me to explore the endless possibility the world has to offer me
In the beginning you loved me more than myself, not only did
You love me,
You respected me,
You didn’t run from  me,
You worried about me, and
You took my hand and open my heart to the light
Thank you

I dont like

I don’t like when people call me things I am not.
I am black not white.
I know I have pale skin, my skin gets toasted not heated.
I am black not white.
How would you feel if I saI’d the same thing to you.
Offended, hurt, or would you just laugh it off.
I am black not white.
I just ask for you to respect  my skin.
I want to not be rejected, but love.
I don’t want to be taken as a joke, but I am black and not white.
How hard can it be just to say it once, just once would be enough to make me content.

When I look

When I look into your eyes..
In the beginning I was able to see my reflection, my ear to ear smile in your light brown beautiful eyes…
When I look into your eyes….
I saw enjoyment,
Mabey it was because of us bearly knowing each other and you got to use your
light brown eyes to explore every part of me…
When I look into your eyes…
I now see the reflection of the screen.. and not the tv screen.. I would be fine with that.. Mabey even use that to my advantage and see what your watching.. and wiggle my way into a conversation with you…
When I look into your eyes..
I see the reflection of your phone screen..
Not being able to clearly see what is in front of you.. I’m not able to see what is making you smile, laugh, cry, or even upset.. I can only see you closing out of your screen and turning your screen off
When I look into your eyes..
They are no longer focused on me.. but on the text your friend sent.. and her worries
When I look into your eyes..
I see you reading and watching everything.. from snapchat to tumbler.. to text about how other people day going…
When I look into your eyes
I wonder do you even remember my eyes.